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Top tips for good posture at work (in the office)

Written by Rob Allport   Posted in:Employee Health   June 29, 2009

This article aims to provide a rapid, practical checklist of good postural habits for people working at a desk so as to lower the risk of the many postural injuries we routinely see in clinic.

Your Seated Body

  • Keep your head up, chin tucked in, shoulders relaxed
  • Ensure your elbows are tucked in, your arms and hands broadly horizontal, avoid flexing or extending your wrists
  • Ensure your thighs are at around 45 degrees to the top half of the body, and your feet flat on the ground – remove high heals at the desk!

Your Chair

  • Edge well back in your chair, sitting tall and maintaining the slightly extended curvature of your lower back
  • Adjust your backrest to support the small of your back
  • Do away with armrests – which encourage slouching – and ensure that your elbows are at same height as the keyboard

Your Workstation

  • Push your keyboard back from the edge of the table to give your hands and wrists the space to remain aligned
  • Position your mouse as close as possible to the keyboard, and favour keyboard functions over mouse wherever possible
  • Set your screen square on, and the top of it just below eye level – if you have a laptop, ensure you have a separate screen and keyboard
  • Adjust your screen to remove any glare
  • Have a document holder and position it as close to the screen as possible – use eyes rather than neck for reading and touchtyping
  • Remove any clutter from under your desk

Managing Health during the Working Day

  • No-one can maintain good posture for long – set your computer timer to remind you every hour to get up and walk about for a bit
  • Use that break to do a few simple neck and shoulder movements: head forward/back, rotating right/left, ear to shoulder right/left, roll shoulders backwards and forwards, repeating each 4-6 times
  • Keep a 1.5L bottle of water close to hand; sip at regular intervals aiming to finish the bottle in the day
  • Leave your desk at lunch – eating and working do not mix well!

If you are looking for a good desk chair, you may want to look at the Bambach saddle seat which was designed by an Australian therapist to maintain optimal posture – but remember that the secret of good posture resides in… not remaining seated too long!

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