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Work Related Injuries - Can good posture save the day?

Written by Mathieu Rossano   Posted in:Employee Health   November 20, 2009

Most of our office-based patients come to us complaining of a similar set of injuries typically induced by the sedentary lifestyle that goes with working at a desk, and the poor postural habits we acquire in that environment.

Once the pain and other symptoms have been addressed, the focus of patient care switches to the prevention of similar occurences in the future. Ever in quest of the magic bullet, many patients ask us whether acquiring good working posture will address the problem.

Inevitably, the answer is… both yes and no!

Unquestionably, learning and applying the basic components of good desk-based posture – as outlined in an earlier post – Top tips for better posture at work (in the office) – is pivotal to injury prevention.

But we also have to acknowledge some fundamental truths: namely, that we were not designed and equipped to work for hours at a time at a desk (no more than to drive for hours in a car or totter around on 3-inch heels carrying a briefcase crammed with laptops and documents…).

Effective workplace injury prevention involves addressing a much wider range of issues including:

  1. desk and office-based exercises at regular intervals during the working day
  2. daily home exercise to counter some of the stresses inherent to desk-related postural imbalances
  3. nutrition and hydration habits at home and work
  4. sound lifting and carrying ergonomics (some advice posted here)
  5. regular and effective relaxation/recovery routines
  6. good sleeping habits and posture

All of which combine to provide a more comprehensive insurance against posture and stress-related injuries in the future. It is with this in mind that we designed our Workplace Injury Prevention Workshop, which aims to train office workers, increase awareness and reduce the risk and cost of postural and repetitive strain injuries. If we can help your organisation – please get in touch (we are osteopaths based in Ealing and Uxbridge)

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