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Pre / Post-Natal fitness classes across West London

Written by Mathieu Rossano   Posted in:Pregnancy   January 27, 2010

After I posted how we use a gym ball to treat and provide pain relief to pregnant mums I met up with Vicky Warr, a young dynamic fitness instructor whose company, Beez Kneez, provides pregnant mums across West London a wide range of prenatal and post natal fitness programmes.

We had a good chat on such topics as managing good physical and mental health during and after pregnancy, good nutrition, and exercise teaching methods, during which I appreciated her caring, reflective and tonic approach to these subjects. Her website is clearly laid out with good information on Beez Knees classes and activities (including short videos) –

I proposed to Vicky to visit one of her classes and provide the mums a tutorial on using a gym ball for good pelvic alignment, and involving their partners in giving them simple pain relief treatment during the last weeks of pregnancy. Do take a look at their fitness and nutrition programmes if you are concerned about remaining in good shape during and after pregnancy.

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