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News from the Back Pain Show (Olympia, 24th-25th Feb)

Written by Mathieu Rossano   Posted in:Sports Injury   March 7, 2012

Once again, the annual Back Pain trade fair has come and gone at the Olympia exhibition centre.

Beyond seeking out “what’s new?”, my one specific objective this year was to identify the best orthopaedic pillow to recommend patients.  Having scoured the relevant stalls, and tested some much hyped but unconvincing models (in particular a water pillow with full wobble effect every time you move an inch…) my favoured model remains the Putnams pillows that come in a sensible and convincing design, and in a king and queen size.  There is also a choice between memory foam and ordinary foam – having tested both, my personal preference goes to the latter.  Please let us know if you are interested as we intend to stock demo models, and may obtain trade discounts.

The healthy back bag has further extended its trendy and attractive collection.  We have purchased a couple of demo models, so do not hesitate to sample them when you visit.

On the matter of office chairs, we did come across an interesting backrest-free design, which I rate as an improvement on the saddle chair ; however I continue to have reservations about any prolonged use of the model for users who are predominantly deskbound.  A more conventional office chair design which did grab our attention comes from Albion chairs, a family-run company based in High Wycombe: we were particularly attracted to the support and mobility enabled by their mid-range office chairs, namely the SD7 and G6 models – Albion claim their chairs are better because they’ve been designed based on the advice provided by an osteopath!  Again, if you are interested, do contact us as we can probably lever lower-than-retail prices.

Finally, we did come across an intriguing bed design , which did appeal to me inasmuch as it rejects memory foam and its base uses a sophisticated slat system topped by a high quality, firm, springy mattress.  However, with starting prices for double beds in excess of £6,000, it does weigh in as a substantial investment.

Please contact us with any questions on either 020 8566 0767 (Ealing) or 01895 2000 50 (Uxbridge), or at .

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