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Coaching Young People

Written by   Posted in:Life / Business Coaching   June 25, 2015

Coaching Young People
For a few years now, I have been coaching young people in challenging schools with the charity Youth at Risk. Some of its students are under-achieving or face exclusion because of behavioural or emotional difficulties. The programme is well established and it helps young people experience a new way of being so that they become more responsible and more able to take full ownership of their goals and achievements. By exploring how they present themselves and how behaviour stops them getting what they really want, they discover new ways of being that work for them, then their life does really change.
One young girl wrote to me “I was aggressive, a bit of a potty mouth, not confident and was full of self-hatred…thank you for your help, for guiding me through the steps on how to love myself and control my anger. I am happier than before”
How does it work?

After listening to talks and having interacted as a group using a range of creative exercises, young people go on to have a few one-to-one coaching sessions tailor made for them with a dedicated coach. Unconditionally accepted, they discover the ‘false’ masks they wear in order to fit in with peers. In a non-judgemental way, they are invited to look at their reality which often has been full of reactive and automatic thinking, based on power balance, excuses, justifications and interpretations. As a coach I help them see what it means to be responsible and to be proactive in their choices and help them let go of the idea that they are victims.
‘Seeing’ is the starting point. Often in our busy lives, we forget to take moments to look at our life, redefine our choices, commit to our goals and take time to connect with our inner Self.
Attending a coaching session not only provides you the space for that exploration, but the encounter with a coach who can mirror and feedback what you are experiencing helps you to choose more wisely and move forward
If you are interested in finding out more about Life Coaching and how it could help you or a family member please contact Clotilde de Cacquery on 07807 129945

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