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Why would you go to see a life coach?

Written by   Posted in:Life / Business Coaching   October 26, 2015

Why would you go to see a life coach?

When would you see a life coach?

Coaching is a profession that you may have heard of, but maybe you’re not exactly sure about what a coach does; in what way a coach is different from a mentor, a counsellor or a therapist; what you can expect from a session; and how long a collaboration with a coach lasts for?
In life, you go through different phases and you can find yourself stuck or dissatisfied at some point. You could reach a state where you know it would be useful to get some help to be a better or happier person, but you know you don’t need therapy because you are not seeking to heal a wound. You do not want advice either (friends may have already told you what you should do), and you do not simply want to be listened to.

What is possible then?

You can undertake a few coaching sessions where I will work on a goal with you and help you to get unstuck. Often when you are in a blocked situation, you see in a linear way, in terms of cause and consequences and you spend a lot of time and energy constantly revisiting your thoughts, ruminating, going in circles within your head. It is exhausting and your body can show signs of discomfort because it wants to tell you to STOP and look differently.
This is exactly what you do in a coaching session. You put things outside of your system by looking at them. You use the responses of your body to understand what serves you and what doesn’t. You try out new possibilities and become aware of what you’re doing. The coach is there to guide you so you can find your own way. He or she questions you so you can hear out loud what you are telling yourself inside. He gives you feedback so you can loosen the rigidity of your thinking and challenges you so you can choose what you really want. The coaching process is all about you regaining control by seeing choices.

Examples of people I have helped

Michael, overstressed with work, has been able to experience relaxation and find peace within himself.
Laura, lost after the death of the parent she was looking after, managed to find what to do next and talked about an “awakening” experience.
Kevin, who wanted to change job and was very uncertain during interviews, got the job he wanted.
Lesley, not knowing if she needed to go back to work, understood that it was only the pressure of society that was forcing her to think like this and not her own desire. She gained more control and faith in her abilities as well as new enjoyment for her present life.
If you are interested in finding out more about how I could possibly help you, please feel free to call me on 07807 129945 or email me on clotilde@bridgetohealth.co.uk

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