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Start the New Year with a little step

Written by   Posted in:Life / Business Coaching   January 5, 2016

Start the New Year with a little step
Have you ever wondered why after a few weeks your New Year’s resolution has disappeared and you feel flatter, even more disheartened or with a lowered self-esteem?
I can see several explanations
  • your goal was unachievable, too unrealistic and you had not taken time to check how much time/skill/money you needed.
  • your goal was not yours. You were in fact responding to what the society/medias/your boss/your parents (even as a grown-up, the parental voice can speak quite loudly) were telling you. You can recognise those fake personal goals, they are your SHOULDS.
  • your goal was not connected to an important value for you. It was not something you were passionate about so if there was a difficulty, you stopped.
  • you thought that because it was the 1st of Jan, it would be easy but any goal needs some work. We need rhythm, rituals and steps to build ourselves but any day is the first of the rest of our life. So choose the right day for you, you don’t have to be like everybody!
  • your goal did not belong to the area of your life that needed most attention so pursuing it was not a priority.
  • you thought you had to be perfect so if you failed a little bit you already imagined that you had failed completely.
  • you did not tell anyone so you did not feel accountable.
  • your goal was not framed positively so you did not know your direction.
  • your goal was a wish, not a decision: you stated it in the form of “I would like” instead of “I will”
  • You did not take time to imagine how achieving your goal would benefit you.
It is important to take time out to really think, brainstorm and connect with your inner self so that your goal reflects or starts to respond to one of these 3 fundamental questions:
  • Who am I?
  • What do I really want?
  • What is the meaning of my life?
A life coaching session can help you with this process.
And then, when you have found a goal that is really yours, positive, connected to your values, which helps your life to be more balanced in the long term, start closing your eyes and imagine yourself achieving it.
Now what is the first little step you can do?

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