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Five top tips to get you back on track after the holidays

Written by Giulietta Durante   Posted in:Nutrition   April 21, 2016

Five top tips to get you back on track after the holidays
The clocks going forward during the Easter bank holiday gives us the perfect opportunity to get back on track after the overindulgence of the holiday period. I like to use the longer days to motivate me into introducing small daily changes to my routine which I know will have a big beneficial impact on my health.
Here are my five top tips to help you achieve full vitality and feel your best over the next few months:
  1. Start a mindfulness practice: use the extra daylight to set your alarm 10-15 minutes earlier than your usual waking time to practice some mindfulness meditation - this really sets you up for the day and brings with it a wealth of health benefits, including balancing stress levels, reducing the signs of ageing and even helping to curb food cravings. Explore all the great apps now available such as Headspace or Insight Timer - you have no excuse! You will feel yourself regain focus and feel calm in no time.
  2. Explore and experiment with seasonal fruit and vegetables - spring is an exciting time for fresh produce as we move away from stodgy root vegetables to more exciting things like asparagus, artichokes and rhubarb. Use this opportunity to challenge yourself to make two or three seasonal recipes a week. You could even take it one step further and explore your local farmer’s market for truly seasonal home grown products, this also makes a great weekend family activity.
  3. Get active in the evenings - use the longer evenings to fit in some sort of outdoor exercise - walking, running, football, netball, even borrow your friend’s or neighbour's dog! There’s no quicker way to banish those cobwebs than by getting out and getting active again. Remember, any movement is better than no movement!
  4. Start drinking more water - it’s always a struggle to drink water in winter, but now with the warmer temperatures and longer days you have no excuse, flavour a jug with sliced cucumbers, limes, lemons and mint and sip on it throughout the day, look on it as a gentle spring cleanse. Your body will thank you for it!!
  5. Daily body brushing - as some of our regular readers will know I’m a big fan of body brushing. Spring is a time for renewal and what better way to renew yourself than by indulging in a daily spot of body brushing? Set aside 10-15 minutes every day (morning is usually best) - not only does body brushing get rid of all your dead skin, it also gently stimulates your lymphatic system and helps to detoxify the entire body. This should leave you feeling energised and ready to face the day. Make sure you do it for the full 10-15 minutes and make sure you use small upwards sweeping movements towards the heart with a good quality body brush (preferably natural or made from organic fibres). You’ll start to feel and see the difference in your skin in no time, plus, it will help reconnect you to your body after all those months of keeping it hidden under all those winter layers.
Follow these five tips and in no time you will feel energised and ready to take on the world!
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