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Why having a facial is good for you

Written by   Posted in:Beauty   May 11, 2016

Why having a facial is good for you
Many women (and increasingly men) regularly enjoy facial treatments for the relaxation and sense of pampering that they bring. However, what you may not know is the healing benefits a facial can have on your skin and the increased sense of wellbeing it brings. Here are five reasons why booking a facial treatment with your beautician is a great idea!

Radiant skin

A deep cleansing facial will get right into the pores of your skin and help remove grease and dirt caused by everyday pollution in urban environments. It also helps in rebalancing sebum levels in the skin. Too high a level of sebum can lead to skin problems such as blackheads.

Look Younger

Certain facial massage techniques e.g. Ayurvedic treatment from India and Anma from Japan, can have a similar effect as acupuncture; naturally uplifting the skin, reducing tension, wrinkles and age spots and improving complexion by stimulating blood circulation and releasing toxins from the facial area.

Confidence Boosting

Coinciding with the obvious physical benefits mentioned above, the impact of having soft and glowing skin doesn’t just radiate outwards but inwards as well. Many people remark on the confidence boosting impact that a facial can have, increasing your self-esteem and feelings of happiness. Whether you’re feeling a bit low or coping with stress at work, a relaxing facial treatment is bound to put a spring back in your step. Who said that beauty was only skin deep?

Go Organic

Unfortunately, many facial treatments will use cosmetics made from artificial products - these often have a huge carbon footprint attached to them and may have been tested on animals. They will also be harmful to your skin in the long-run. Be sure to go to a beautician who uses local organic products which will be good for you, good for animals and good for the environment.

Rest and Relaxation

Although this was mentioned in the intro it’s so important that I had to mention it again! A relaxing facial massage around the eyes and cheekbones can really help relieve any tension. All good beauticians will provide a relaxing environment for the treatment, giving you  an hour of tranquility where you can forget about all of life's stresses. The challenge is not to fall asleep!

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