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Bridge to Health in the Workplace

Written by Mathieu Rossano   Posted in:Employee Health   June 15, 2016

Bridge to Health in the Workplace
In my previous incarnation as a business consultant I became aware of the stresses (both physical and mental) that people experience and how that affected their lives both on a personal level, and the businesses they operated within. I decided to do something about that and trained as an osteopath so I could become fully involved in issues relating to workplace ergonomics and health. That vision ran alongside my seeing private patients in our clinic.

From the very beginning of Bridge to Health in 2007, we started working with local companies, dealing with workstation ergonomic assessments and delivering talks on postural awareness and workplace injury prevention.
Our vision has remained constant: to help people improve their health in a fundamental way on a one-to one basis. Furthermore, we firmly believe it is a deep privilege to help people in their quest for health improvement.

Our public health work has grown and diversified alongside our corporate consulting experience and clinic team.  We now offer a broader range of in-house health services, including:

Free pain diagnostic clinics, fielding and advising employees complaining of body pain and ailments manifesting in the workplace (headaches, neck and lower back pain, “frozen shoulder”, elbow and wrist RSI, digestive problems etc.) -

Stress management seminars, a highly interactive workshop delivered by a multidisciplinary team of trainer-therapists (e.g. osteopath, nutritionist, counsellor) -

Corporate talks on specific themes relevant to creating an effective work environment e.g.: Depression in the workplace: identifying and managing it, or Nutrition tips to maintain healthy energy levels throughout the day etc.

Over the years, a large number of West London-based companies have turned to Bridge to Health for health education services including Bayer, Herbalife, Hertz, Lindt, PWC and many others.

We also offer companies local to our Ealing and Uxbridge clinic locations a corporate scheme where their employees benefit from treatment discounts across the full range of our clinic services.

Our vision throughout is to assist local employees to better understand and manage the constraints and hazards of the workplace, to minimize injury and absenteeism, and to optimise employee health and motivation.

For full details of our corporate services, visit our website and contact Susan Malyan on 01895 2000 50 with any queries

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