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7 Self-care tips for the Summer

Written by   Posted in:Acupuncture Therapy   July 6, 2016

7 Self-care tips for the Summer

Keep Hydrated but Forget the Ice

If we ever get a proper summer, or if you are going abroad to a hot country this year, it’s important to drink plenty of water.  But a lot of ice can be a shock to the stomach and make it harder to do its job.  You know the so-called ‘ice-cream’ headaches people get?  Well that’s actually your stomach complaining about what it’s having to deal with.  Room temperature drinks are easier on the stomach and if you don’t like water try coconut water

Spike your Drinks

Mint and cucumber added to your water can improve the flavour and these foods are both considered cooling in Chinese Medicine.  If room temperature water doesn’t appeal try adding these foods.


Watermelon is another cooling food in Chinese Medicine and it is also very hydrating.  It’s sweet without being too sweet, the perfect food in hot summer months

Tea instead of Coffee

Coffee is a heating food in Chinese Medicine.  But some teas are naturally cooling.  Peppermint tea naturally cools the body down and if you grow mint in your garden just use some leaves in the brew.

Acupressure Bands

If you are planning on doing some sailing but you are not a natural sailor the acupressure bands that you can buy in chemists can be great for sea sickness.  They must be placed on the correct point on the wrist, Pericardium 6.  Using the thumb of your opposite hand measure two thumb widths from the main wrist crease.  The point is here between 2 tendons, one which moves your thumb and the other which moves your three middle fingers.

Carry a Scarf

Protect the back of your neck from the sun or, as in the current summer is more likely, protect yourself from the wind.  The back of the neck is a vulnerable area for contracting infections.


In Chinese Medicine summer is connected with the Heart and the emotion connected with the Heart is Joy.  Whatever summer we have it’s going to be warmer than the winter months, so get outside and enjoy nature.

This post was written by Jackie Graham Acupuncturist. Find out more about her by visiting her website www.jackiegrahamacupuncture.com

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