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If It’s Good Enough For Andy Murray...

Written by Harry Rogers   Posted in:Osteopathy   July 14, 2016

If It’s Good Enough For Andy Murray...
So Andy Murray is once again Wimbledon Champion after dominating most of his matches throughout the tournament, and playing some extremely good tennis.

In the photo you can see Andy receiving an osteopathic technique court side at Wimbledon. Needless to say Andy then went on to win his match.

Due to the amount of extension, while serving, and rotation that occurs through the mid back during rallies, the joints in the Thoracic spine (which is where all the movement comes from) can become irritated and inflamed. The other incredibly common aliment for tennis players is what we call rib subluxation. This is a technical way of saying that the ribs which attach to your spine are not sitting comfortably in their joints.

Both of these problems can cause pain, muscle tightness and a restriction in movement. Not what you want half way through a Wimbledon semi-final. However the technique shown can release the joints in the mid back helping to reduce pain and improve spinal function. With a slight adjustment it can also ‘pop’ the ribs back into place making breathing easier and many people notice an almost instantaneous sense of relief.

Foam rolling along your mid back is a very good way to help maintain spinal mobility and rib function. However, if you have a recurring pain or sense of tightness I would go and see your local osteopath. Unfortunately this technique won’t immediately raise your tennis ability to Andy Murray’s level, but it will help you play pain free.

Happy Hitting.
Harry – Osteopath at Bridge to Health

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