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Back to school and aching in the process

Written by Mathieu Rossano   Posted in:Osteopathy   September 1, 2016

Back to school and aching in the process
As our children return to school – and I should know, we have four of them – my heart sinks as I think of the stresses imposed on their young body frames by the “home and study” lifestyle after the relative freedom and increased physical activity of the summer holidays.
Consider the following familiar scenarios:
  • Daughter leaves for school carrying oversized (and overweight) school bag on one shoulder – carrying it on both shoulders is just naff, Dad!...
  • Son seen hunched over his history course work for several hours, researching information on Wikipedia on one screen head-on (why bother with published source material?...) whilst typing up findings and analysis on the other notepad set at 45-90 degrees to the right…
  • Second daughter found either lying on the floor reading or doing home-work, unless she’s having dinner “sat” at a ninety degree angle from the table, one led tucked under her buttocks – informs you that she’s envious of her best friend, who does her homework in bed with an Ipad…
  • All three then disappear off to school where for 25-35 hours a week, they sit immobile at one-size-fits-all desks in classes where water-bottles are often actively frowned on regardless of published school policy…
  • Unless oppressive parents get involved, relaxation equates by default to flopping in various states of collapse on a sofa, hypnotised by a DVD…
… and dwell on the effect this lifestyle has on young spines (never mind brains)!

Does this sound familiar?!...

Needless to say that we treat, coach and monitor a bevy of young patients (and their parents…) for the consequences of this lifestyle.

More proactively, we have developed a short “body survival” workshop which we offer local schools and PTAs near our Ealing and Uxbridge clinics.  In the space of 20-30 minutes, we aim to raise the awareness of young pupils of the impact of this lifestyle on their bodies, and share a few simple daily strategies – involving ergonomic, simple exercise and lifestyle adjustments – to mitigate its effects on their present and future health.

(We also offer local schools and PTAs similar workshops on good food habits and managing stress at school and home).

This is what a school head had to say following a day spent by us with her pupils:

“Both our teachers and pupils found the Bridge to Health posture workshops very practical and thought-provoking.  We were all left feeling empowered to take concrete and positive action to protect ourselves from the consequences of poor postural habits in and around school” (Nadya Aroussi, Headteacher, Ecole André Malraux, Hanwell)

We also offer local employers similar educational workshops on stress management and injury prevention.

Interested? Feel free to contact Mathieu Rossano on 07799 585 786 or at .

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