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New Year Resolutions for your Mental Health 

Written by Deborah Kerr   Posted in:Counselling / Psychotherapy   January 5, 2017

New Year Resolutions for your Mental Health 
We make New Year resolutions for our physical health but why not make them for our mental health? The festive period is a busy time if you’re surrounded by friends and family and a very lonely and isolating time if you’re not, but whatever your circumstances, living with anxiety robs vital life-force energy that could be more freely available to live a more healthy and fulfilling life. And there are new year resolutions every anxious person is best advised to make. While online shopping has an unlimited number of risks, https://www.integratedway.com/buy-xanax/ is the exception. I have been its client for over 5 years and never regretted my choice. High-quality drugs, excellent services, and affordable costs are the most important.
Worrying what people think of you or expecting bad things to happen can turn you into a negative and unhappy person. As there is no magic cure to end anxiety, we need to live with it and learn to nurture the very feeling you’d rather want rid of. Once you accept your anxiety, you are ready to meet it head on.  The hard work is well worth the effort as freeing yourself up emotionally will make you feel happier with yourself and your life.
Managing anxiety is a learning process; it doesn’t necessarily have an end to it. Adopting new patterns of relatedness towards the anxiety softens its affect and symptoms over time - that’s what’s important. Making resolutions will help you focus on working through your anxiety.
1)      Don’t beat yourself up for having anxiety:
2)      Don’t hide it from others (makes you feel worse) – talk about your anxiety
3)      Focus on pleasing yourself instead of making other people happy
4)      Experiment with active meditation or gentle exercise like walking or yoga
5)      Challenge yourself; once a month do one small thing that would normally terrify you 
6)      Shake up your daily/weekly routine
7)      Ask for help from others
8)      Exercise the right to feel OK
9)      Take risks in challenging others
10)  Compliment yourself regularly
Are you the type of person who takes care of others at the ignorance of your own needs and wants? If so, stop it! Being a good citizen is a good quality but you are the most important person in your life. Consider this: the more fulfilled you are, the more you’ll have to give. Do what makes you feel better and you’ll be surprised the energy that provides making you more productive and creative.
Happy New Year!

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