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Alexander Technique Course FAQs

Written by Lynsey Metcalfe   Posted in:Alexander Technique   March 14, 2017

Alexander Technique Course FAQs

What is the Alexander Technique and why should I learn it?

Do you have back ache, muscles aches and strains, twinges that will not go away? Are you a performer? Do you spend long periods at a desk or on your feet? Are you a human being? In which case, the Technique can help.
The Alexander Technique has been well known among actors and musicians for decades, as it is an incredibly useful tool in improving performance. Improving performance has a much wider application though as we can all improve how we do every-day activities and over the years, many people have used the Technique to help manage health conditions, to learn to move more freely and reduce strain and to feel better in every-day life. So the Technique is open to everyone and anyone to learn.

What actually happens in an Alexander lesson?

The student chooses their activity, whether this be sitting in a chair, walking, speaking etc. This can literally be any form of activity within reason. The teacher will interact with the student through discussion and most notably, with the use of their hands. This ‘hands on’ work is to help guide the student into letting go of excess tension and to move more effectively.

How will the course be structured?

The course is being run every week, over 10 weeks, with the emphasis on learning through experience. This will not be a dry session with you being talked at for 2 hours! The first week will consist of an introductory lecture to introduce you to Alexander’s work, followed by the opportunity to have lessons. Thereafter, each week will have a similar structure. You will be introduced to a different principle of Alexander’s work, which will be discussed. The group will then quickly move to the experiential part of the session, where the students will have lessons. The only exception is in the middle week of the course, which is totally devoted to experiential lessons.
Please note that no hands on work will be done between students.

How many people will there be and who is running the course?

There will be a max of 6 people in the group. The course will be run by Lynsey Metcalfe, a health and wellbeing consultant, , master personal trainer and qualified Alexander Technique Teacher in the Interactive Teaching Method. Lynsey is a graduate of a 4 year teacher training programme in the Technique, led by one of the world’s leading experts, Dr Don Weed.

Will I get a chance to have individual attention during the course?

Yes, absolutely. All students will be offered the chance to have a lesson with Lynsey as part of the weekly session.

What do I need to do the Alexander Technique?

Nothing apart from yourself! You do not need to dress in a particular way or bring anything apart from a notebook if you wish to take notes. The Technique is accessible to all, regardless of any health issues or disabilities.

Where and when will it take place and what is the cost?

It runs from Tuesday March 21st for 10 weeks. The course starts at 7.30pm and finishes at approximately 9.30pm, at Bridge to Health, 12 Broomfield Road, Ealing, London W13 9AP. The cost of the course is £300.
The cost for the course includes a copy of the book ‘Reach Your Dream’s’ by Dr Don Weed, Lynsey’s tutor and mentor.
To reserve your place, contact Lynsey Metcalfe on 07957 417718 or email lynsey@bridgetohealth.co.uk

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