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Nutrigenomics: unlocking the secret to the pefect diet and exercise regime for you!

Written by Emily Fawell   Posted in:Nutrition   May 10, 2017

Nutrigenomics: unlocking the secret to the pefect diet and exercise regime for you!

Imagine if there was a perfect diet, just for you? Well there is. By using information hidden in your DNA you can eat and exercise according to your genes, and hopefully avoid weight gain, illness and underperformance. Nutrigenomics can give you a personalised insight into your health and fitness potential.

What is Nutrigenomics?

An emerging science where your DNA results are used to tailor your diet and lifestyle so that you can maximise your health and fitness, according to your own genetic potential

What areas of my health are explored?

  • Your optimal diet type
  • Your sensitivity to carbohydrates and fat
  • Your detoxification ability
  • Your anti-oxidant requirements
  • Your personal Vitamin and Micronutrient needs
  • Your sensitivity to salt, caffeine and alcohol
  • Your propensity to be lactose intolerant
  • Your predisposition to Coeliac Disease
  • Whether your body is best suited to power or endurance exercise
  • Your aerobic potential
  • Your post exercise recovery ability
  • Your injury risk

How can I use the information?

Once you are aware of your own personal genetic variations you are in a much better position to know which dietary approach is best suited to you as an individual. You will know whether a low carb or a low fat or a Meditteranean diet is going to suit you best. You will find out if variations in your genes mean that you are caffeine or salt sensitive. Whether you have the “hungry gene” or the “thrifty gene”, and with my guidance how you can tailor your diet to make sure that these unhelpful genetic variations don’t cause unwanted weight gain.

The test also gives you incredibly useful information about what kind of exercise is good for you as an individual – should you be focussing on cardiovascular work outs, or would your body respond better to strength focussed exercises such as weight training?

What do clients have to say about the benefits of Nutrigenomics testing?

"I feel more energised and awake, hence I’m being more productive. You identified through Nutrigenomic testing the deficiencies in my health and advised specific diet and supplements required for my optimal health. The fog in my head has gone and I’m motivated and mindful about good nutrition and exercise knowing I can return to you for future checks and updates. I feel safe in your hands – your knowledge on nutrition is exceptional. Thank you!”  Deborah, Ealing

Does the test hurt?

No – not at all. All it requires is for you to simply swab the inside of your mouth for 60 seconds.

What do I get in terms of results?

The test results are very comprehensive. You will receive a 40 page actionable report explaining the impact on your Nutrition and Fitness potential of 55 of your genes. We will also condense this information into a two page document so that you can start implementing your results immediately.

Click here to view a Sample Nutrition Report or a Sample Fitness Report

Nutrigenomics package

Our package combines both Nutritional Therapy and Nutrigenomics as we want to ensure that we address your current health issues as well as tailoring your diet and fitness to your genetic potential.

The package includes:

  • 75 minute Nutritional Therapy consultation where we dig deep into your current health issues and symptoms, as well as your health history and diet. You will leave with a personalised Health Improvement Plan and Supplement Plan
  • DNAFit Fitness Diet Pro test to be carried out at home
  • 90 minute Nutrigenomics consultation where we go through your test results, and we explain the implication of these on your health, diet and fitness regime. You will leave with a 40 page report, a 2 page summary of your results with specific dietary and fitness advice as well as an updated Supplement Plan
  • 45 minute follow up consultation ideally one month later to review how you are getting on with your dietary, lifestyle and fitness changes, with coaching to help you to break or make new habits, plus a review of your Supplement Plan

The total cost for this comprehensive, potentially life changing, definitely life enhancing package is just £475.

‚ÄčIf you are interested in finding out more about our DNA testing please call either Emily (Ealing) 07967 639347 or Giulietta (Uxbridge) 07983 704882

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