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Basebox  - getting fit has never been so much fun!

Written by   Posted in:Lifestyle   June 21, 2017

Basebox  - getting fit has never been so much fun!

We all know that exercising is important but hands up how many of us are terrified by the mere thought of walking into a gym? Cue Basebox, a new dance and fitness studio based in Eastcote that opened its doors this February.  


I met owner and founder Leigh Robinson at the recent Hillingdon business expo and was immediately drawn to her obvious love and passion for fitness so we decided to meet up for coffee (yes, nutritionists do occasionally have a cheeky cup!) so she could explain in more detail what led her to set up Basebox and what makes it different from all the other gyms and fitness centres in the area.


Leigh’s vision was to create a space where people come to enjoy exercise and to embrace moving in their bodies without being plagued by all the usual worries that can accompany exercising in a traditional gym. Hip Hop is a massive influence in Leigh’s life and its core values of peace, love and unity lie at the very heart of everything Basebox wants to achieve. What strikes me when I talk to Leigh is how approachable she is and how passionate she is about making exercise fun and accessible for everyone - she immediately inspires me to want to get fit and feel better in my body!


Leigh also has an impressive CV - not only does she have masses of experience as a dancer (she has appeared in numerous award shows and music videos) but she also has a degree in Sports Science and has worked as a personal trainer for many years. The seed for Basebox was planted after finding she had nowhere to train a group of young children who desperately wanted to learn how to streetdance and her mum suggested she should look for her own space. She decided to bite the bullet and apply to The Bright Ideas Trust and after drawing up a long business plan and lots of searching for the right venue she finally opened the doors to Basebox in February this year.


Classes run from Mondays to Saturdays and they range from the more traditional kettlebell and tone and stretch classes to the slightly less conventional sounding High Intensity Interval Training and Hip Hop classes. They even offer mum and child fitness classes - perfect for getting around any babysitting issues! And if you’ve ever fancied your chances as a street dancer then Basebox might just be able to help you achieve this dream! Getting fit has never been so much fun!


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