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What counselling is not

Written by Deborah Kerr   Posted in:Counselling / Psychotherapy   July 3, 2017

What counselling is not
Here is a sound-bite to describe what counselling does not do and what a counsellor does not provide. This may lead you to decide that counselling maybe not what you need at this time.
Remember, it’s not possible for a counsellor to change you or your life if you are not ready or willing to engage in the process. If you do go ahead, at least you will be more informed by the following information.
·         Isn’t designed to give advice or recommend what to do
·         It doesn’t attempt to solve your problems
·         It doesn’t offer instant solutions
·         It cannot be a friendship
·         It shouldn’t provide an emotional crutch
·         Counsellors do not get personally, emotionally or physically involved
·         They should not be judgemental or defensive
·         And finally…… it’s not a quick fix
I hope that breaking down these points is useful if you are embarking or considering taking part in a journey of personal discovery.

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