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Getting back on track after the summer

Written by Emily Fawell   Posted in:Nutrition   September 15, 2017

Getting back on track after the summer

Many of us get caught up with over indulging during the summer months convincing ourselves that it’s OK to eat and drink more “because we are on holiday (and we deserve it)”, and it can be hard to get back into our healthy habits.

If you can relate to this then here are some handy tips:

  • If you are finding that you have developed a taste for drinking every night over the summer, then slowly try to cut back down. Your liver will benefit from having two consecutive nights without alcohol, so make that your first goal. Make a pact with your housemate/partner to abstain from drinking for 3 -4 nights a week.
  • Have too many ice creams over the summer rekindled your desire for sugar? Again slowly wean yourself off the white stuff. Eating more protein and slow releasing carbs at mealtimes should lead to better balanced blood sugar levels, which should minimise cravings.
  • Has your caffeine intake crept up? Replace one of your afternoon teas with a decaffeinated or herbal tea and see how much better you feel.
  • Are you getting to bed early enough? Try to implement a good bedtime routine during the week and your energy levels will be better during the day. Consider having a bath before bedtime to relax or read in bed rather than watch TV.

If you would like help with implementing healthy habits then why not join Emily’s new zest4life programme this term and learn how to eat for great energy levels.

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