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How Massage can support the Immune System

Written by   Posted in:Massage   October 9, 2017

How Massage can support the Immune System

As people become busier in their everyday lives, putting in extra hours at work, racing towards their next goal we often forget the impact this is having on our immune systems.  Our immune systems are affected by stresses in our lives, overworking and other pressures which can then lead to putting us at risk of illness.  Stress and tension can cause our blood pressure to rise and our energy levels fall causing our immune systems to work hard to fight off infections.


How can massage treatments aid in boosting one’s own immune system?


The first point to note is that massage treatments can improve the circulation in the body and a 45 minute massage can increase the number of white blood cells produced thus aiding in fighting off and preventing disease and illness.  As well as increasing the production of white blood cells, massage treatments will decrease the levels of the stress hormone Cortisol leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


In order for our bodies to be at their best every day we need to get a decent amount of sleep. Massage treatments stimulate the brain’s sleep regulator offering natural insomnia relief and deeper sleep which will allow the body to recuperate and enable the immune system to continue its protection of the body.


By allowing yourself time to relax, recharge and receive a massage treatment you are not only protecting your immune system, you are allowing it to thrive thus hopefully reducing coughs and colds and potentially more serious illnesses.


If you do suspect that your immune system is not optimal the team here at Bridge to Health will be able to work up at treatment to support you. 


As the cold winter days and nights will soon be upon us why not give your immune system that extra boost and helping hand with a Massage? Contact Jo Thorp on 07580 519455 or email jo@bridgetohealth.co.uk

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