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2008 - 2018: A decade of looking after you

Written by Mathieu Rossano   Posted in:Osteopathy   December 15, 2017

2008 - 2018: A decade of looking after you
A short blink of 10 years ago, I was moving into a small windowless room in Uxbridge’s Fitness First gym - now Simply Gym - to set up a budding osteopathic practice.  Bridge to Health seemed a good name because it epitomised my commitment to my patients, and also being linked to no-one in particular, it could accommodate growth.
Having chosen osteopathy as a vocation entailing the mid-life challenge of 4 years as a “mature student” with a family in tow, those first years of practice held great joy and significance for me.  Yet even at that early stage, it became rapidly obvious that if pain is a powerful incentive to seek help, osteopathy alone could not meet the range of health challenges faced by you and my other patients.
Over the ensuing five years, it took careful and persistent listening to the concerns that so many of you shared with me to discern the additional complementary therapies most systematically required – and massage (both therapeutic and sports), nutrition and counselling emerged as the three most frequently recurring themes.  They would be the first added to osteopathy when the occasion presented itself.
In January 2013, the opportunity arose to set up a larger practice in Uxbridge’s Windsor Street, and to test out the concept of the multi-therapy practice “for real”.  A similar occasion presented itself a year later to upgrade the osteopathic practice set up in Ealing in 2009.  We have never looked back.
In more recent years, as our patient base has grown, our concerns have shifted from helping our patients deal with the life crisis that brought them to us, to worrying about helping them equip themselves with the skills and confidence to manage their health, and that of their family, over the duration: and so osteopathic practice shifted to the principle of health maintenance, nutrition acquired life coaching skills, and we attracted the expertise of Pilates instructors and an Alexander Technique teacher.
And so here we are today, with our current “wheel of health”  - see the image
We also endeavour to publish articles that might be of interest or help to you across the broad range of health issues we confront every day.  Our newsletter has been published regularly over the past three years, now reaching over 2,000 of our patients, and consistently, between a quarter and a third of you pay us the compliment of reading it and frequently sending us words of approval and support – the 2018 editions already planned will if anything improve in content quality, and should not disappoint you.
Last week, all eighteen members of our team gathered in a restaurant to celebrate yet another Christmas (a little early admittedly), and I was suddenly struck with a sense of real emotion and awe at the sheer range of clinical competence and human qualities gathered around the table – I believe we can confidently pledge to you our full commitment to partnering you, your family and friends in true health!
We all wish you a very peaceful and joyous Christmas, and a health-fuelled and fulfilling 2018.
Yours in health,
Mathieu and the Bridge to Health Team

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