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Gift yourself the good you give to others  

Written by Deborah Kerr   Posted in:Counselling / Psychotherapy   December 14, 2017

Gift yourself the good you give to others  

Here are 5 tips to eliminate the pressures and panic of Christmas         


·        Gift yourself this: believe that everything will work out ‘good enough’ - even if it goes against your pre-conceived ideas. For instance, if timing of your dinner goes wrong or guests don’t arrive when expected, reassure yourself and others that everything is going to be ok. Try and not to get caught up in what the media promote for how Christmas should be.

·         Gift yourself this: take time, slow things down, especially if you are the host. For instance, wake up early, run a bath, get into your most comfortable lounge wear, apply your ‘make-up/no make-up look’, feed yourself something – even if it’s before the family get up.

·         Gift yourself this: enjoy the little events that happen throughout your day and don’t get caught up fast forwarding the result of your plans. Allow your momentum to be broken by the demands from those around you. Try and enjoy these ‘delights’ however irritating these interruptions may feel.

·         And…. expect disappointment. At this time of year, high expectations and unrelenting standards are turbo charged. Get out of your own way on this occasion! Let it all happen and trust it will all work out as it should.

·         And finally: don’t pretend you like this time of year, just because you think everyone else does. And remember, you don’t have to give everyone a perfect Christmas.


I could wish you an ‘amazing Christmas’, but instead I wish you a ‘good enough’ Christmas.

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