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​Address your Stress!

Written by Emily Fawell   Posted in:Stress management   March 25, 2018

​Address your Stress!
Are you exhausted? Do you find it hard to get to sleep, and then it’s almost impossible to get up in the morning? Perhaps you’ve noticed that you’re more susceptible to colds and infections? Stress may be starting to affect your health!

Book now for an “Address your Stress” package. This 2 month package includes an initial consultation where we will:
- assess the current state of your health
- explore underlying causes
- put together a personalised Health Optimisation Plan
- conduct an Adrenal Stress test to determine how your adrenal glands are functioning
- complete a follow up consultation to review the test results & modify your Health Optimisation Plan accordingly. We’ll also give you a bag of Epsom salts to help you unwind!
The package, including the test, is £249. 
Contact Emily (Ealing) or Giulietta (Uxbridge) now & begin to “Address your Stress”.

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