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New Workshop for April 2018 - Stress Management & the Alexander Technique.

Written by Mathieu Rossano   Posted in:Alexander Technique   March 19, 2018

New Workshop for April 2018 - Stress Management & the Alexander Technique.
The Alexander Technique is all about only using what we require for an activity and no more. So many of us add in unnecessary muscular tension to everything that we do, and when we feel stressed we tend to do it even more. The result is muscle ache and stiffness - and a general feeling that we are not performing at our best.

When stressed, we often contract our muscles more than we need to as we pull down on our spines and generally tense up. The Alexander Technique teaches us an alternative way to respond; stopping that habitual reaction and empowering yourself to choose a different path.

It’s a technique which is incredibly useful when we are busy, stressed and panicking about the things we need to do (or not do).

Sign up for the April 19th 2018 workshop; held at our Uxbridge clinic; and learn how to move with freedom and ease.  Reduce tension by embracing this powerful technique to deal with the pressures of modern life.

Bookings must be made in advance!  To enrol, or find out more, please contact Lynsey on Tel: 07957 417718 or email her at lynsey@bridgetohealth.com.

Lynsey is a qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique (Interactive Teaching Method) and a leading health coach and personal trainer. She is also available for individual or small group AT lessons in the Ealing and Uxbridge clinics.

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