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Welcome to the March-April edition of our newsletter

Written by Mathieu Rossano   Posted in:Osteopathy   March 19, 2018

Welcome to the March-April edition of our newsletter
Dear Bridge to Health friends,

In this March-April edition of our newsletter, we turn our attention to the important theme of Life and Work Stress.  Stress is a human state that, in its various manifestations, we are exposed to every day in our osteopathy, acupuncture, nutrition or counselling sessions.

Professional workloads and the pace of lifestyles seem to be ramping up.  The technology that is supposed to “make it all easier” instead increases expectations that we should be available, and answerable, 24x7.  Many of us struggle with this level of pressure, and the term ‘burnout’ frequently features in clinical diagnoses.

I will come clean at this point and say that as we celebrate the clinic’s first decade in business, I too have experienced the effects of stress.  It was then that I decided I must set an example in walking- the-talk and am now using the help of my nutrition and acupuncture colleagues to improve my immunity to stress.
Today, Bridge to Health’s therapists can offer great expertise in helping you fight off the symptoms, effects and root-causes of stress.  To respond to such demands, we are welcoming Holly Clarkson, our fourth osteopath, to the team. 

In addition, we have also noticed an increase in enquiries about our employer’s professional seminars on effective stress management in the workplace – which is great as it shows there is more focus on employee wellbeing.

Enjoy the read, share with friends and stay relaxed!

Yours in health,


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