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Get off your arse

Written by Deborah Kerr   Posted in:Counselling / Psychotherapy   May 24, 2018

Get off your arse
Sitting down all day can be a pain in the arse, literally. Those of you with sedentary jobs will know this as sitting at a desk for hours can actually be painful to the whole body.

For your own positive mental wellness, it is best to be actively conscious in making the effort to create the time to integrate focused exercise and activity into your busy lives.  Make it a choice to create balance and harmony. Remember, human beings are designed to move and engage in physical activity, yet our modern lifestyle is in danger of us ending up like the animated characters from the Disney Pixar film Wall-e. This will lead us to a disappointing future as a sedentary lifestyle will ultimately hurt your body and mind.

People rate themselves as less anxious, less depressed or less angry after their chosen exercise or physical activity. Research has shown it can also help alleviate symptoms of trauma and post-traumatic stress. Additionally, exercise (or your favourite activity, such as gardening) is also unconsciously used as a sublimation to channel negative feelings into positive ones.  Very valuable.

It is always useful to set a 90-minute timer so that after any non-physical activity, you make a point of getting up and moving around.  Climb some stairs or go for a walk. This will help you to regain alertness, feel renewed and lower any anxiety.  It will also increase productivity towards the task at hand. These 90-minute intervals are fundamental for your body and mind – this is a biological cycle and it is called the Ultradian Rhythm.

But it’s important to know there is a shadow side to exercise too. If you are exercising too much there are risks to consider as excessive exercise can be related to addicted patterns of behaviour or to control body image. It can also exacerbate mental health issues related to body dysmorphia. If you are concerned you that you might be over doing it, there are some signs for you to consider…

Do you feel dizziness, dehydration, a rapid heartbeat, moody, disrupted sleep patterns, decreased appetite, frequent sickness or flu-like symptoms?

But make no mistake, exercise and physical activity offers incredible benefits that can improve nearly every aspect of your mental, physical and spiritual health and will also contribute to you living a long and healthy life.

Find what inspires you to stay fit and active – friends, family, your own wellbeing?

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