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How acupuncture can help a sedentary lifestyle

Written by   Posted in:Acupuncture Therapy   May 24, 2018

How acupuncture can help a sedentary lifestyle
The effects of a sedentary lifestyle are starting to become well-documented.  One of the major musculoskeletal problems we as therapists are presented with are neck and back ache – the direct result of spending too long on computers or mobile phones.  Shoulder and arm problems are also rising from the continued use of a computer mouse. 

For most people suffering with these types of problems the first stop would be their GP or a Physiotherapist.  People often seek out an acupuncture treatment much later down the line when any ongoing issues haven’t been fixed.

As an acupuncturist I would first ask you to think about the type of pain you are having.  Where it is in the body and whether or not it radiates to other parts.  I would also want to see what restrictions of movement you have.  At that time, I would then diagnose which acupuncture channel(s) are being affected and would treat accordingly. 

Sometimes the problem is due to stagnation.  Qi and blood can become stuck in the channels and are responsible for causing pain.  By clearing the channel, to allow Qi and Blood to flow smoothly again, you can reduce the associated pain.  At other times such pains can perhaps be due to an underlying weakness, which I would then look to strengthen via appropriate treatment(s).

There are a number that I may choose as my preferred route…

Using very fine needles, which are inserted into acupuncture points, I would direct the needles depending upon whether I wanted to strengthen the flow of Qi and Blood, or whether I just wanted to open the gates to allow it to flow more smoothly. 

Electro Acupuncture
A mild current would be put through the acupuncture needles.  This is particularly good for stimulating an area or a muscle.

Where energy is stuck in the channels I will often use cupping.  Suction cups are placed over the area and left on for approximately 10 minutes.  This pulls out stagnant Qi and Blood, thereby easing pain and allowing a smooth flow again through the channels.

Gua Sha
A similar effect to cupping can be obtained with Gua Sha.  A tool is used to ‘scrape’ down the channels and brings Qi and Blood to the surface.  It can also bring heat out which can help with inflammation.

I will sometimes use moxa to warm an area or build blood in a weakened area.  This is a herb called Mugwort which also has healing properties.

Tui Na Massage
For musculoskeletal conditions I recommend Tui Na massage, a chinese form of massage.  My aim would be to clear the channels or nourish the flow.

I have had good results over the years treating musculoskeletal issues.  I had a patient recently who had suffered back pain and finished their sessions pain free for the first time in 14 years.  Another recent patient has had problems with pins and needles in his arm from a shoulder injury.  After just one treatment he has had no pins and needles. 

Surely Acupuncture has to be worth a try if you’ve previously been unconvinced?  Call me and we can discuss your symptoms, and I can make a recommendation.
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