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Acupuncture can help you feel brighter

Written by   Posted in:Acupuncture Therapy   July 17, 2018

Acupuncture can help you feel brighter

Teresa O’Connor explains how…


Delaying ageing isn’t just about fighting wrinkles, it’s about creating a positive outlook and ensuring overall wellness.


Feeling better and looking younger is what we’re all hoping for as we age. There’s no doubt that healthy living and taking care of yourself will slow the hands of time and improve appearance.  With over 2000 years of knowledge and experience behind it, acupuncture is one of the best ways you can take a ‘whole person’ approach to feeling well in both the mind and the body.


Acupuncture harnesses the body’s natural endorphins to give a relaxed feel good feeling. It balances the nervous system so makes you feel less affected, and better able to handle stressful aspects of life. We all know stress shows on our face and acupuncture reduces stress hormones in the bloodstream and, cumulatively over time, improves health.


Hormones determine much of the way our skin acts. Hormonal breakouts such as dry skin in menopause or skin that gets worse during the menstrual cycle, can be helped by acupuncture balancing hormones.


Acupuncture also looks at the root cause of health imbalances and how that affects the whole system, mind and body.  When one thing is out of whack it can affect a person in multiple ways. Acupuncture helps you to see yourself and your issues as interconnected and so it is easier and clearer to understand why you are unwell.  Acupuncture also broadens your awareness of what can influence your physical and emotional health and wellbeing.


Remaining youthful by working on strengthening and tonifying the systems of the body - digestive, urinary, respiratory so that you are systemically healthier is a powerful tool. This not only makes you feel younger but also improves energy and delays the physical signs of aging.


Finally, although it’s common to find yourself in ‘acup land’ - a dazed, blissful relaxed state during and immediately following treatment - the after effect is usually increased energy, so it will also add an extra youthful spring to your step.

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