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Use massage therapy to fight off the negative effects that cold weather brings

Written by   Posted in:Massage   September 28, 2018

Use massage therapy to fight off the negative effects that cold weather brings

Winter weather affects our bodies in more ways than one.  We all know that as the winter months creep in, we tend to become less active and our training regimes change. Instead we have a desire to spend more time indoors, wrapped up in a blanket with a warm drink.  This means we are not moving or stretching as much as we should.  The impact is that our muscles become sore and stiff.  If you do manage to stick to your training regime (well done!) the colder temperatures can make keeping muscles warm an extra challenge which can lead to cramp and tightness.  Having regular massages can loosen these tight muscles and relieve soreness.
Inactivity during the cold weather can affect your muscle strength and flexibility.  Having less movement leads to stiffness in the muscles which in turn will make it more likely that you sustain an injury when you start your exercise regime again.  If you think that you will be spending less time outdoors and less time undertaking any exercise in the coming months, it is advisable to consider adding a massage to your routine.  It will keep your muscles loose and supple during months of lower activity.
Let’s be flexible

Using massage therapy to assist with flexibility, isn’t the only benefit.  The cold weather can also have an impact on your immune system, reducing your resistance to illnesses.  Including a regular massage can increase the lymph flow; this is packed full of white blood cells which then go and fight any infections that are in the body. 
In addition, the body is also affected in cold weather from blood vessels constricting.  This decreases blood circulation and increases blood pressure.  Massage enhances the blood blow, lowering blood pressure as it increases your body temperature.  This improves the overall functioning of the body, and the value of this should not be under-estimated.
Annoyingly, our skin also comes under attack in the autumn and winter.  Massage oils can boost skin hydration especially as Vitamin E is often, leaving your skin once again nourished and hydrated. 
Look after your emotional wellbeing

Work now to beat the winter blues!  It is vital to take care of both our emotional and psychological wellness.  Massage treatments increase serotonin and dopamine production which reduce anxiety, depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).
For those feeling hardier, winter exercising can be exciting, energising and invigorating.  There is nothing like adding a rosy glow to your cheeks…
A few tips I can offer if you are going to be training outside this winter:

  • Keep yourself hydrated before, and throughout, your workout.
  • Book yourself in for regular maintenance massage treatments.
  • Wear layers that you can peel off easily.Wear appropriate gloves and hats.
  • BE CAREFUL if you are running outside as it can get icy.  Choose your routes carefully.
There is no reason at all that winter should stop you from being healthy, and I can help you to continue your winter training regime.  Contact the clinic for further details, or to book in a massage treatment.

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