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How a regular massage can help maintain health-related goals

Written by   Posted in:Massage   November 15, 2018

How a regular massage can help maintain health-related goals

Jo Thorp at Bridge to Health looks at the difference a regular massage can make if you want to maintain your health-related goals in 2019.  She believes scheduling a massage is just as important as scheduling exercise in the first place!

We all know how indulgent the festive season can be.  Exciting events in diaries mean we tend to overlook our fitness regimes.  We don’t expect our cars to keep going without oil, fuel and a regular MOT so why don’t we feel the same about our bodies?  The festive season is fast approaching and in parallel we can’t help but consider our New Year’s Resolutions.  Typically, a high percentage of these are made around health and exercise.

Making the decision to start the New Year’s with a fitness bang is great – and I encourage it of course - but what people fail to take into account is the inactivity that they’ve experienced over the festive break.  Increased food intake and increased alcohol intake (for some) can be a big shock to the system and our bodies are not prepared for the intense workouts that start January 2nd (let’s be realistic!).  Unfortunately, this ‘shock’ becomes the reason why people give up on their health goals and instead return to their bad habits - which make them even more susceptible to injury.  A vicious circle.

My advice?  Start your exercise programme off lightly!  Reintroduce exercise gradually.  When you push your body too hard, too soon, it causes injury and overstress to your body.  Adding a regular Sports Massage in to your schedule aids in preventing muscle injuries through tissue rejuvenation and regeneration.  This also enables a faster recovery time which leads to a more effective workout overall, which then gives you the satisfaction and achievement of sticking to your New Year health and exercise resolutions.  Perfect.

In case you need more convincing, a massage is the perfect selfcare ritual for other reasons to:

·        Let go of stress

·        Reduce anxiety

·        Relieve pain

·        Sleep better

·        Increase energy levels

·        Relieve depression

·        Improve digestion.

·        Soothe headaches

·        Manage sports injuries.

·        Stimulate the immune system.

 Adding a massage to your 2019 fitness and health goals may seem strange but it is a small, positive, change and you’ll notice the overall effect it has.  When you get the mind and body benefits of massage on a regular basis you are, more than likely, going to have the energy you need to tackle the most daunting resolutions you may make.  Imagine being able to feel great every single day!

I look forward to seeing you in 2019; helping you achieve your resolutions for your health and wellbeing. 

Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year.

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