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Starting your journey to the `new you` in the right way

Written by   Posted in:Life / Business Coaching   November 19, 2018

Starting your journey to the `new you` in the right way
If you have a goal to get healthier and fitter in the new year, great!  It is also a good idea to go about starting this journey to the `new you` in the right way.  Many people have a plan of what they would like to achieve after their indulgences of the festive period.  Usually the planned changes are drastic.

The plan usually goes something like this,

“I want to lose a stone by the end of February. I need to eat healthily every day; no more takeaways; and I need to go to the gym three times a week”.

Now, all of this is can be done, but going from doing none of these things to suddenly committing to all of them is where the problems usually start.  Many people will start with vigour and a driven mindset about the whole thing and everything will go to plan for a week or two.  But, unfortunately for most people, these best laid plans fall apart at the seams well before the finish line.
But why don`t people just get it done?  Well it`s all about building up new helpful beliefs about what you can do - predictably and gradually.  The very best way to do this is to start small and build from there.
“Make it so easy you can`t say no” - Leo Babauta.

Instead of jumping in at the deep end why not start by going to the gym just once a week for the first two weeks in January?  Perhaps commit to having just one takeaway each week instead of two?  Learn the skills and resources you need gradually, such as managing your time to go to the gym, in order to make these new things happen - and then build.  Give yourself a pat on the back for ANY progress you make too.

Set yourself a goal, focus on achieving it, but also give yourself a few 'free passes' to make a mistake. If you do this, you won't think you have failed if you eat a burger or a pizza on January 17th.  You won't give up, because you’ll know that mistakes are ok.  You are focusing on achieving a goal, not on being perfect.  Does it matter if you lose 10lb rather than a stone by the end of February, surely that’s still an incredible achievement?

Go and make it happen! Give yourself some wiggle room and start with making small yet positive changes to your life.  You are far more likely to stick to your new improved habits and achieve your goals.
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