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Fear of the unknown – Leap into acupuncture

Written by   Posted in:Acupuncture Therapy   January 18, 2019

Fear of the unknown – Leap into acupuncture

As much as we like to talk up a good story about our goals and aspirations, we really are creatures of habit and like what we know.  Why do we find it so hard to push our boundaries with confidence?


As an acupuncturist I often see this fear or nervousness about trying something new.  I get asked “does it hurt?”, “where do the needles go?”, “will it work?”.  Some people immediately rule out acupuncture because they are afraid of needles without even looking at what the benefits are.  If you are afraid of needles it may come as a revelation to you that I have patients, who were very fearful initially, still coming for acupuncture regularly because they like how it makes them feel afterwards – and appreciate the long-term health benefits it can bring.  Acupuncture is so positive for so many health ailments that I am tackling this ‘fear’ straight on and explaining exactly what you can expect to experience when attending an Acupuncture session at Bridge to Health.


What will happen when you come for an acupuncture treatment at the Bridge to Health clinic?  I start by taking a full medical history from you.  I then check your tongue, take your pulses Chinese style and get you comfortable on the couch for a treatment.  This may also include cupping, Guasha or Tui Na massage. 


I have had very positive outcomes for a variety of conditions, but always explain to people that acupuncture treatment is accumulative.  You need to commit to coming to at least 4 treatments to give it a chance to work.  If it is a chronic condition you have had for some time it will take longer than a more recent condition. 


Past examples of successful treatments, to refer to just a few are:

-        A whiplash victim who’s pain almost disappeared after one treatment

-        A woman who had been trying to conceive for 2 years got pregnant after less than 3 months of acupuncture;

-        Patients struggling with anxiety and panic attacks whose world starts to expand again.  


And perhaps most reassuringly, the needles themselves are very thin, much thinner than a sewing needle or a needle to vaccinate or take blood.  In the hands of a skilled acupuncturist most patients feel no or very little pain.  I have often been asked when will I put the needles in after several have already been inserted and have only ever had one person unable to cope with the idea, in which case I used other forms of treatment to help her. 


Many patients are nervous at first but do relax once the first few are in and they realise that it is nothing like they thought it would be.


If you’re curious about acupuncture, and have any questions, do get in touch with us at Bridge to Health.


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