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What are we doing to ourselves?

Written by Laura Currie   Posted in:Nutrition   January 18, 2019

What are we doing to ourselves?
Let’s talk about new years resolutions.  Do they have to turn into another unsuccessful thing with which to beat ourselves? We are creatures of grand gestures, often knowing full well that we are not going to achieve these unrealistic goals when we are already struggling to keep up with work, a social life, children, the elusive gym, the housework and all of the other things that we have on our to do list.
How do we stick to a healthier lifestyle at this time of year?
The first thing is to start with small, manageable changes that aren’t going to over whelm you. Feeling overwhelmed is one the main things that cause people to give up before they’ve even started. I would suggest you look at your diet and address what really needs to be changed most.
There are questions you can ask yourself in order to work out which areas are most in need of an overhaul:
Are my blood sugar levels unbalanced?
Are you starting your day either with no breakfast or a sugary processed breakfast which causes you to go on a roller coaster of energy peaks and troughs? If you get a major energy drop at around 3pm and crave something sweet I would guess that, yes, your breakfast is possibly not the best thing you could be eating to start your day. A great breakfast would contain some slow releasing carbohydrates such as unrolled oats.  Throw in some berries, seeds and cinnamon and you have a lovely breakfast to get you going.
Got some time on your hands?
If you have a little longer in the morning to make breakfast then eggs are a good choice. Boiled eggs are simple, tasty and rich in protein meaning they won’t unbalance your blood sugar levels. Eat them on a lovely thick rye bread – add avocado and drizzle some lemon. YUM.  Eating every three to four hours to make sure that you are constantly putting fuel into your body, will also help to regulate blood sugar and adding some protein to each meal and healthy fats will also be beneficial.
Why is it important to regulate your blood sugars?
Unbalanced blood sugars are linked to fatigue, cravings, weight gain, inflammation, insomnia, foggy head and many other symptoms. Regulating blood sugars is often one of the first things I recommend to my clients as it can alleviate so many symptoms.
And what next?
I would address hydration.  Being even slightly dehydrated can slow down cognitive function and make you feel fatigued. If you do not drink enough (unboiled) water than your body will also be storing more toxins and you will potentially be experiencing some degree of constipation. Gradually increase your fluid intake by keeping a (non-plastic) cup or water bottle on your desk. Make sure that you are increasing how many times you fill it up each day. A great way to create a healthy habit with water is simply to download an APP that pings reminders every hour.
In summary:
·        Don’t try to change too much all in one go.  Break it down to bite-sized manageable chunks
·        Give yourself up to two weeks to create your healthy habit before starting the next one
·        Don’t beat yourself up if you slip back to old habits – creating new habits takes time.
·        Acknowledge your ‘Wins’ and congratulate yourself – change isn’t always easy.
·        Most important is to enjoy what you are bringing into your new health regime
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