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Taking a positive approach to tackle Chronic Disease

Written by Mathieu Rossano   Posted in:Osteopathy   May 21, 2019

Taking a positive approach to tackle Chronic Disease
Friends of Bridge to Health,

In this third newsletter of 2019, focusing on “Health is a Journey”, we want to acknowledge our many patients who are either directly affected by chronic disease, or are supporting a relative or friend in this situation.

Let us first define “chronic disease”. This is any illness that will affect somebody for a long time, potentially a lifetime.  It covers conditions as diverse as rheumatoid or osteo-arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, lupus, multiple sclerosis or fibromyalgia, to name but a few.

More often than not, after the initial shock of the diagnosis, the message received by the patient is essentially “take your medication and learn to live with it”. Does this therefore mean that we must essentially allow the condition to dominate our life?  Do we resign ourselves to the fact that there can be no journey to health; only one of disease management?

We disagree!  Firstly, think of the term “chronic”, which comes from the ancient Greek word for time. Let us put time back on your side; take a step back to gain perspective and make a plan. Secondly, many complementary therapies such as counselling, nutrition, massage and Pilates provide the very input of mindfulness, molecular health, physical alertness and balance required to address and manage the condition more positively and successfully.  Thirdly, as soon as you meet chronic disease with a clear ‘mind, body and lifestyle’ strategy, you place yourself outside of all the average health prognoses and life expectancy statistics for your condition.  Instead you begin to blaze your own personal trail; on your unique journey of health.

This newsletter will explore how our clinic therapies can each contribute positively in the successful management of chronic disease. Each author has chosen to write about a specific chronic condition for illustration purposes, but we wish to make it clear that the therapy offered has positive input into the broader range of chronic diseases. So read on, allow yourself to be (hopefully) enthused and inspired. Ask questions of us and please also share this information with others around you who may be depressed or struggling with their chronic symptoms and the perception of a dark tunnel with no light and hope.  Together, we can change all that.

Yours in health,

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