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An introduction to 'The crazy project'!

Written by Mathieu Rossano   Posted in:Osteopathy   July 11, 2019

An introduction to 'The crazy project'!

Dear Bridge to Health friends,

At some point in our ‘Journey to Health’, many of us feel drawn or compelled to set ourselves a real challenge that, relative to our cruising speed, might be named “the crazy project”. It might be entering a marathon, losing a significant amount of weight, embarking on a PhD or climbing Kilimanjaro; the common denominator is that we are going to need to confront and overcome doubts and fears, stretch our skills and endurance well beyond our comfort zone, and hopefully emerge with enhanced confidence, insight and self-respect.

If you are mulling over a crazy project or know someone who is, a couple of thoughts and questions are worth grappling with (honestly) before launching into it:

  • Is this challenge genuinely about an 'inner agenda' - expressing who I am and want to be, constructively facing my doubts and fears, getting to know mysef, stretching my resoursefulness, growing in confidence or knowledge - or is there an external agenda of 'keeping up with the Joneses', being trendy and looking good? Clearly, there is a need to be brutally honest with ourselves if this project is to nourish, rather than risk harming, us.

  • Given my physical, mental, professional and social constraints, is this challenge credible? - accepting it is going to by definition require a constructive stretch of my resources - or is it actually so out of step and reach as to engender physical injury, unreasonable personal and relational strain and ultimately failure... with all its unpleasant fallout?

If the answer to both these questions is satisfactory, move with confidence into the realms of project planning. Asking questions such as:
  • Are my timelines realistic, and likely to foster success rather than burnout?
  • Am I clear about all the ingredients, resources and sequences involved - and the order in which they must be scheduled?
  • Is reliable advice available (on the internet or otherwise) from people experienced in successfully concluding similar “crazy projects”?
  • Beyond this information, would I benefit from specialised professional advice – consulting a nutritionist, or working with a running coach for example?

You can then set out your general and specific goals and schedule your project for success!

Focusing on this theme, the Bridge to Health team has written a series of short articles outlining how “a crazy project” can best be planned from their perspective, and how they help our patients to see their plans through successfully. If you have one in mind, we wish you the best of luck in seeing it through, and look forward to supporting you in achieving success and personal growth from the experience!

Read on and be inspired…

Yours in health,


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