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Heard of a thing called 'The crazy project'?

Written by   Posted in:Massage   July 15, 2019

Heard of a thing called 'The crazy project'?

Have you been thinking about trying a new sport or setting yourself a new challenge?  Have you heard of a thing called “The Crazy Project”?  The best thing about one of these, is that it is all about you!  It’s not trying to keep up with the neighbours or peers, it is about expressing who you are and focusing on new goals that you want to achieve.

So, you have set yourself a goal you want to achieve the next questions to ask yourself are, am I going to create more stress for myself doing this? Is it going to leave me injured or deflated?  If you are going to challenge yourself physically or mentally you need to take your preparations seriously.  This is where incorporating a sports massage in to your weekly training regime - as a preventive measure instead of leaving it to late and needing injury rehabilitation - is extremely beneficial. 

Whether the event or goal you have set yourself is Couch to 5k, a park run, a triathlon or even a marathon, benefitting from a regular massage at the beginning of your training programme is an important starting point.  Judge how your body adapts to the training and then go from there with regards to how you push yourself forward – noting your progress also helps to encourage you to stick to your goal.

Before any event or training it is also a good idea to get a pre-event massage.  This is usually a short specific treatment which can either be given immediately before your event, or up to 24 hours beforehand.  The objective of receiving a pre-event massage is to increase circulation in the body, help with flexibility and also provide mental clarity to improve your performance.  Most importantly it prepares your body for exercise.  A pre-event massage does not replace your warm up but it complements it, so it is still vitality important to stretch and warm up properly. 

Receiving a massage once you have finished exercise or ‘Post Event’ helps lessen muscle soreness by reducing inflammation and improves your recovery time by speeding up cell recovery.  It also reduces muscle tension and prevents DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).  Overall, it will reduce your chance of injury and promote a state of relaxation, increasing muscle tone over time. 

Incorporating sports massage into your training regime will help improve power and performance by increasing muscular flexibility and joint range of motion.  It will also increase vascular flow to the tissues, maximising the nutrient and oxygen supply.  This will help the body eliminate lactic and carbonic waste products; a result of muscle contraction from physical activity.  Sport massage not only shortens your recovery time after an event it also decreases fatigue. 

If it is your first time setting yourself a goal to complete an event or a new target then just give it a go.  Be kind to yourself allow yourself and your body time to adjust to a new routine - before you know if you will be well on your way to completing your goal.  At Bridge to Health we lend our collaborative strength to our patients, to help and assist as they consider their next or first personal challenge.  Any questions? Please do contact us for a chat.

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