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The Alexander Technique and your goals

Written by Lynsey Metcalfe   Posted in:Alexander Technique   July 11, 2019

The Alexander Technique and your goals

We all have things we want to achieve - goals, dreams and targets. We plan, we focus, we aim high. However, as a society, we have become very goal orientated and tend to go directly for what we want, rather than considering how we are going to get there.

Writing in the first half of the 20th century, F M Alexander, the founder of the Alexander Technique, called this “end-gaining”. He warned that if we are too focused on our goals and do not spend the time in planning how we are going to get there, we are doomed to failure. He advised instead to have a goal in mind but not to be wedded to the goal. Instead be prepared to change plans and indeed the end goal if they turn out not to be the right ones for us. For in focusing on the plan and making sure it is the right one and that we have the flexibility to change it where needed, achieving our goals is then inevitable

The Alexander Technique is a unique mind/body education method that teaches us to have real, conscious control over our mind and body. It helps us understand how to get out of our own way, to stop the bad habits that are causing us problems and to have a reasoned approach to planning our goals and reaching our dreams.

Alexander believed that we are a “psycho-physical union”, that mind and body cannot be seen as completely separate and that one has an effect on the other. This means that in learning how to have conscious control over ourselves in movement, we learn how to have conscious control over our ideas, our plans and our responses to changing circumstances.

It teaches us efficiency of thought and economy of movement, to be able to go through life with freedom and ease. The thing that got me interested in the Technique was when my tutor and mentor said to me “what if everything in your life was effortless, if you only used what you needed and no more?”.

Achieving this is possible through the Alexander Technique.  If you want to learn more, contact Lynsey Metcalfe at Bridge to Health to arrange an introductory session.

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