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From personal trainers to exercise classes; the value of small focused groups and one to ones

Written by Jenny Middleton   Posted in:Pilates   September 30, 2019

From personal trainers to exercise classes; the value of small focused groups and one to ones
When it comes to getting motivated to go to an exercise class or the gym I believe it is fair to say that there can be a reluctance for quite a lot a people. Best intentions to be fitter and healthier often coming second place to old habits.  I think we’re all guilty of saying “I’ll start next week” when talking of a new regime.
I have come across this personally with some of my 1:1 Pilates clients and I understand this reluctance totally. I feel that initially these clients can benefit much more from the personal attention they can get in a smaller group. Which is a more supportive teaching environment.
Exercise classes can seem impersonal and generally too big. A person can feel lost in the crowd and never quite sure if they are doing the exercises right. Likewise, with the gym, sometimes the over air-conditioned room can seem quite uninviting and often it is only the twenty minute gym equipment induction given. Then we are on our own with all those machines! 

Making the first step:
  • Once you have made the decision to start a 1:1 class or join a small group you will have the advantage of the teacher knowing and watching your body whilst you move, i.e being aware of any injuries either past or existing for example and working with you to move safely.
  • Progression: As the classes will be focused on just you or just a few people the scope for personal progression is vast.
  • Motivation: Your exercise instructor will focus on continuing your training programme at home between sessions and usually provides some support via phone or email if needed.
  • Benefits: Some of the many benefits of exercising in a smaller setting are having a greater body awareness and creating a greater ability to focus. The advantage of be able to work and progress at your own pace. The benefit of increased interaction and guidance from the exercise professional you are working with. Finally, having more control over when the exercise session is held.
Having said the above about the gym and exercises classes I’m not saying that I’m opposed to their use.
Working 1:1 builds confidence in your own abilities and more importantly helps you understand - and then build on - your own limitations. Recognising these strengths within yourself comes with time. I often find my clients go back to the gym or find smaller classes to join as well as coming to see me. We work together, step up their personal goals and I provide support and guidance along the way. This is all part of the journey for my clients and I love to see their progress.
If you feel you could benefit from some 1:1 Pilates sessions and need some motivation please call: 01895 200050 to make an appointment.
I look forward to meeting you!
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