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Piloting your journey to health through the social maize

Written by Mathieu Rossano   Posted in:Osteopathy   September 29, 2019

Piloting your journey to health through the social maize

If you have journeyed with us in our 2019 newsletter editions, you will agree we now have our health journey mapped and our health strategy nailed! We’ve overcome procrastination, considered our health objectives at every angle and created a dashboard to measure progress.  We will not even let chronic conditions deter us from aiming for improved wellbeing.  So, we’re on course for success? Well almost…

There is one minor constraint to be considered. We are social animals, interacting with other humans at home, at work and in our leisure pursuits.  They may well have concerns, priorities and agendas that could bog down, delay or downright derail our zealous attempts.

Consider facing a combination of the following scenarios:

·        Your partner is a ‘bread and milk devotee’ so your breakfast plans of avocado, asparagus and eggs are not looking hopeful

·        Your marketing colleagues have decided lunchtime is the only common time for meetings and conference calls, so any thoughts of lunchtime visits to the gym can be forgotten

·        Your band mates are clamouring for a third weekly evening practice and won’t take kindly to your evening running schedule

·        Your flatmates are into loud rap and hard rock, meaning your headspace for daily mindfulness and meditation is getting crowded out

·        If parted for more than three days from pasta or pizza, the children will stir armed insurrection that will make the Bounty mutiny look like a tea party… oh and

·        Do you really think you are going to get away with sipping sparkling water whilst your weekly pub quiz team necks a second pint of ale?

So, things in your health plan may not be as straightforward after all, but don’t panic - there are various tactics to be considered in negotiating your health plan through this social jungle.  You might…

·        Deploy the “my way or the highway” approach

·        Engage in education to win the opposition over, or convert the masses

·        Go to ground and devise closet health tactics

·        Start negotiations, compromises and backstop fail-safes that make Brexit haggling look like child’s play

·        Or perhaps choose a heady mix of all the above!

Whichever angle you consider, you are going to have to plan to adapt your health programme to the human environment in which it will play itself out.  It might even be useful to have the advice of health experts along the way, so read on and enjoy the wisdom and advice of my clinic colleagues as they consider the challenge of overcoming the social hurdle in the health journey from their various angles of expertise… or even give us a ring to talk it through!  Enjoy.

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