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Therapeutic massage: Honing your tissues for the long haul

Written by Adam Mohammed   Posted in:Massage   November 26, 2019

Therapeutic massage: Honing your tissues for the long haul

By Mathieu Rossano and Adam Mohammed

The founding father of osteopathy, Andrew Taylor Still, often stated that “the rule of the artery is supreme”, meaning that when blood and lymphatics flow freely, the body’s tissues (muscles, articulations, organs) can perform their intended functions unimpeded, fostering long-term “rude” health.

Certainly, osteopathy plays a pivotal role in ensuring that through good body alignment, blood and lymph circulation are optimised.  However, as we become increasingly office, desk and car bound in our life-style, our bodies crave the regular stimulation of our vascular systems (arteries, veins and lymphatics) for the whole body to remain healthy – and episodic, even energetic exercise may not suffice.

This is where good therapeutic massage comes into its own in helping you on your long-term journey of health.

A 2014 study by the University of Illinois found that massage therapy significantly improved general blood flow and alleviated muscle soreness after exercise in a sample of athletes.  More relevantly still, the results also showed similar significant improvements in vascular function in a control sample of people who did not exercise, suggesting that massage has profound health benefits for people regardless of their level of physical activity.

Because therapeutic massage also stimulates lymphatic circulation, it also tends to enhance the body’s immunity, helping the person receiving regular massage treatment to become more naturally resistant to disease over the longer term.

Equally, by working on stimulating and enhancing the health of large muscles in the back and limbs, remedial massage therapy contributes to enhance postural muscle function which all at once fosters longer-term good body performance and mobility, lowers the risk of injury and above all reduces the risk of falls and (e.g. hip) fractures that can become ‘show-stoppers’ in older age.

For some strange reason, today’s society tends to associate massage therapy with spas and luxurious pursuits, whereas the Romans would have simply viewed it as a routine gesture of health when they attended the Roman baths on a weekly basis.  Well, the Romans were right! And regular (even monthly) competent remedial massage treatments can play a significant role in increasing both lifespan and health quality.

Convinced? If you would like to sample the real benefits of competent therapeutic massage, simply contact us on 01895 2000 50 (Uxbridge) or 020 3757 6544 (Ealing) and book a treatment with Adam.  If you quote the Bridge to Health newsletter as the source of your contact, we will be happy to offer you a 20% discount on that session, which will only cost £40.

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