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Introducing Rehab Pilates on Zoom

Written by Jenny Middleton   Posted in:Pilates   April 28, 2020

Introducing Rehab Pilates on Zoom

We have all found ourselves in this new and unusual situation at the moment due to the world health crisis and as a result our usual routines have gone out the window.  

Among the things that may have stopped are things that I’m sure you didn’t only just enjoy doing but they were also beneficial for your body. Things like swimming, going to the gym and dancing on a Saturday night.

These things had the added benefit of releasing stress and tension as well as keeping you fit. Now, as the home environment isn’t a place most of us associate with exercise, it’s all too easy to do nothing instead. 

This is where myself and my colleague Eda come in. We’re passionate about helping ‘you’ to be the best ‘you’ can be in lockdown! Let us motivate you. We will tailor our Pilates Zoom sessions especially for you and your body. We will find a regular time to meet virtually, help to structure exercise into your week and make the sessions both beneficial and fun. 

Zoom sessions are suitable for everyone but are especially good for those have found that their bodies’ have built up tension from sitting at a makeshift desk at home. Also for people needing encouragement to do their advised exercises from their Physiotherapist or Osteopath as we can incorporate these into the routine. Or for anyone who has been told by their healthcare specialists that Pilates could help their neck, shoulders or back. 

To join in all you need is a laptop with a webcam or a iPad/tablet and an exercise mat, though a carpeted floor would do.  

If you would like to try a session or have any questions please give me a call on: 07872 068 388, I look forward to hearing from you. 

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