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Bridge to Health Blog
Bridge to Health Blog

Guest Blog – with thanks given to Malcolm Woolsey.

In February 2018 I signed up to the Abingdon Marathon and Ealing Half Marathon which marks 10 years since I had open heart surgery to put right a congenital heart valve issue. Before this operation I wasn't able to run easily but was always very active and competed on a bicycle fairly successfully. . In 2016 I ran my first ever marathon (fulfilling a life-long ambition) but struggled with injuries in the build-up to it, and during the months following. Running, for me, highlighted every weakness my body had and lead from one injury to the next. Working closely with Mathieu at Bridge to Health throughout this time - to keep me on the straight and narrow and to put me back together when broken - was a massive help.

Sometimes life positively beams at you! Little Broomfield Road in West Ealing was amongst the two or three streets privileged in witnessing the runners of the Ealing marathon… both on their way out and their way back… and in glorious sunshine! Located at 12 Broomfield Road, Bridge to Health was open this Sunday from 8am through to 2pm so that we could cheer on the runners, provide water and deal with injuries if required. Our osteopaths Harry and Mathieu , and our life coach Clotilde joined our jeweler neighbour Alfred Winiecki to provide loud support to the 6,500 athletes.