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Bridge to Health Blog
Bridge to Health Blog
Laura Cooper has been in Uxbridge for many years and  has a well-established practice on the High Street, very close to our  own clinic.  I have personal experience of Joanna as she treated my  daughter for a recurring ingrown toenail, and did so painlessly,  effectively and kindly; I have also referred several patients to her for  in-soles, and they have all been satisfied with her professionalism and  effectiveness.
We first met Katie Baylis of Putnams, a family-run firm specialised in an extensive range of orthopaedic products.  Having just written a blog post about choosing a pillow, Peter was interested in their pressure relief cushions.  You can review the range on their website but Bridge to Health patients can order through us to get a discount.
I am struck with a mild sense of guilt that we see an average of two patients a week whose back injury has been caused by lifting or carrying weights “the wrong way”, yet we have not yet hatched a blog entry providing some common sense advice on lifting ergonomics “the right way”.
The need for regular exercise is well publicised, government recommendations set weekly requirements at a minimum of three, thirty minute sessions. These guidelines are designed to maintain a basic level of health, but not to improve your level of fitness.</p>
<p>What are some key goals for exercise?
As many of our patients prepare to fly off on holiday for a well-earned rest, the time seems right to publish a few handy tips to stay in good shape in spite of those flights. Our observation is that even those frequent air travellers amongst our patients seldom apply them.