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Bridge to Health Blog
Is your child struggling at school? Are you concerned they may have learning difficulties like dyslexia? Are they losing their confidence? Have they uttered the heart-breaking words "I'm stupid”?
Could there be a link between your child's learning difficulties and their diet, in particular the consumption of gluten? In this blog post Liz Sedley, creator of Dyslexia Gold and Giulietta Durante, our Uxbridge based Nutritional Therapist explore this subject
Every week it seems that there is new research linking a lack of Vitamin D to another health condition or disease. But what is Vitamin D and how do we ensure that we have adequate levels? Ealing based Nutritional Therapist Emily Fawell explains
As it's the New Year are you thinking about doing a detox? Uxbridge based Nutritionist, Giulietta Durante explains just exactly how our body detoxes and the best, most natural approach to undertaking a detox
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