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Bridge to Health Blog
In the first of our "Muscle of the Month" features, Osteopath Mathieu Rossano introduces us to the Ilio-psoas muscle, often the root cause of lower back and pelvic pain.
The beauty of a multi disciplinary clinic such as ours at Bridge to Health is that each therapist will have a different approach to dealing with presenting symptoms. The goal of each practitioner will be to bring the patient's body back into balance, but how we each achieve that will be different. We hope what this means for our clients is that they have a choice in how to resolve their health issues. In our monthly team meetings we discuss a particular symptom and each therapist explains their approach. This means that as a team we will become more deeply aware of each others' therapies and be better positioned to recommend our colleagues to our clients. This blog post focusses on how each discipline would respond to a client complaining of headaches.
Bridge to Health is very excited about its new partnership with Ryan Raghoo, a Paralympic athlete. For a young man of 20, he has achieved more than most of us who are far older, both on and off the athletic track.
Andy Murray is Wimbledon Champion again, but were you eagle eyed enough to see him receive osteopathic treatment court side? Osteopath Harry Rogers explains how Osteopathy can support tennis players in this informative blog
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