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Bridge to Health Blog
At the various tournaments the club enters, I am always struck by the sight of the substitutes standing shivering-cum-frozen on the side of the pitch. They are not waiting to join the fray so much as exposing themselves to the risk of injury.
If you are just starting your third term of pregnancy, your baby’s weight becomes significantly more noticeable, and you will increasingly tend to experience lower back, pelvic and perineal pain or discomfort. These symptoms can be upsetting as they increase both your level of tiredness and tension (particularly if you are still working or looking after young children) and perhaps concern about a potentially more protracted and uncomfortable delivery.
Whilst our clinic in Uxbridge is entering its third year of operation and becoming increasingly busy, we are also focusing on opening a second clinic down the road in Ealing, an area close to my heart. I have lived here for the past 20 years and although I have mixed feelings about what is becoming of its shopping centre – never mind its planned shopping centre! – I also love its bustling diversity.
Many patients visiting us suffer from <a href="">osteoarthritis (OA)</a>, either as their primary complaint, or as a feature of their health history.
Chris A. (not his real name) is a 60 year old college lecturer from Ruislip, who visited our clinic six months ago for a knee injury following a long walk on uneven terrain.  Beyond this injury, he had two other overriding health concerns: he had been suffering for over a decade with acid reflux due to a diagnosed hiatus hernia (for which he took medication), and was very worried about recent <strong>high blood glucose and cholesterol readings, and associated risks of diabetes and cardio-vascular disease.
The word <em>holistic </em>is one that is widely used amongst many forms of therapy and is frequently misused, as well as misunderstood. All too often, when we use this word as osteopaths, we come across a sceptical look from patients as they conjure images of some type of faith healer, chanting prayers whilst surrounded by clouds of incense! This isn’t quite what we are referring to.