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Bridge to Health Blog
Bridge to Health Blog
Occasionally, a patient reminds you not just of what osteopathy can do to reduce pain and improve health, but what is truly distinctive about its outlook and approach. Liz (not her real name) is a successful personal trainer with a distinguished sports career in kick-boxing and competitive weightlifting at a national level.
With less than four weeks to go until this year’s London Marathon I just wanted to highlight one of our very first blog posts - Treating injured marathon runners osteopathically
One of the most common approaches when faced with back pain is that heat is used for symptom relief. Patients will run a warm bath, fill a hot water-bottle or apply the “deep heat” balm. They then tend to report short-term relief, followed by a relapse, or frequently, a worsening of the pain.
Shin splints is a term that, in essence, simply refers to lower leg pain. It is a common injury amongst runners, especially long distance runners, but it can manifest in anyone whose prime activity involves running or jumping.
Several of our patients are being treated for Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI for short) – most frequently tennis elbow and achilles tendonitis - and other patients often ask us about what lies behind RSI. Today’s post aims to provide some basic answers to these queries.