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Occasionally, a patient reminds you not just of what osteopathy can do to reduce pain and improve health, but what is truly distinctive about its outlook and approach. Liz (not her real name) is a successful personal trainer with a distinguished sports career in kick-boxing and competitive weightlifting at a national level.
With less than four weeks to go until this year’s London Marathon I just wanted to highlight one of our very first blog posts - Treating injured marathon runners osteopathically
Laura Cooper has been in Uxbridge for many years and  has a well-established practice on the High Street, very close to our  own clinic.  I have personal experience of Joanna as she treated my  daughter for a recurring ingrown toenail, and did so painlessly,  effectively and kindly; I have also referred several patients to her for  in-soles, and they have all been satisfied with her professionalism and  effectiveness.
At the various tournaments the club enters, I am always struck by the sight of the substitutes standing shivering-cum-frozen on the side of the pitch. They are not waiting to join the fray so much as exposing themselves to the risk of injury.
We hope that you (and all of our patients) will be very happy with our service and treatment.
On Friday (1st October), we will be celebrating the start of our fourth year of opening at our clinic in Uxbridge.  We would like to thank those many patients who have visited us for treatment and nutrition advice over the years, and those who have then recommended Bridge to Health or entrusted us with partners, children, parents and friends.
Are you looking for recommended ante-natal classes or a local yoga instructor in Ealing? Counselling /Psychotherapy? Where to get nutrition supplements in Uxbridge (health food stores), find a gym, or want to find pilates and tai chi classes ...
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