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One of the most common approaches when faced with back pain is that heat is used for symptom relief. Patients will run a warm bath, fill a hot water-bottle or apply the “deep heat” balm. They then tend to report short-term relief, followed by a relapse, or frequently, a worsening of the pain.
This month, Laurent has been working very hard getting our new informational exercise videos ready to publish. Most are now online at and we will shortly be adding a reference/index page to our website here so that we and our patients can quickly find their individually recommended exercises.
After I posted how we use a gym ball to treat and provide pain relief to pregnant mums I met up with Vicky Warr, a young dynamic fitness instructor whose company, Beez Kneez, provides pregnant mums across West London a wide range of prenatal and post natal fitness programmes.
If you are just starting your third term of pregnancy, your baby’s weight becomes significantly more noticeable, and you will increasingly tend to experience lower back, pelvic and perineal pain or discomfort. These symptoms can be upsetting as they increase both your level of tiredness and tension (particularly if you are still working or looking after young children) and perhaps concern about a potentially more protracted and uncomfortable delivery.
In our excitement we forgot to announce that our new clinic in Ealing has opened and saw its first patients on Tuesday this week!