Bridge to Health Blog
Bridge to Health Blog
Mathieu Rossano, Registered Osteopath and founder of Bridge to Health explains the physical manifestations of stress and explains how Bridge to Health and its broad clinic services can support you to tackle the curse of today's society, stress.
Do you stuggle with the change in seasons? Are you struggling to have enough energy or find yourself plagued by coughs and colds? Maybe Acupuncture is the answer. Jackie Graham, our Ealing based Acupuncturist explains how Chinese medicine takes the changes in season seriously, and explains how it might benefit you.
The countdown has begun to the Ealing Half Marathon! Harry Rogers, Registered Osteopath, shares his training programme for the final 4 weeks of training. Keep strong and healthy during this crucial time, by making sure that you eat well, and get plenty of sleep.

Have you heard people talking about NLP? Do you know what it is and what it means? In this blog post, Clotilde de Cacqueray, our Life Coach in Ealing, explains what NLP is and how it can change your behaviour.

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