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We first met Katie Baylis of Putnams, a family-run firm specialised in an extensive range of orthopaedic products.  Having just written a blog post about choosing a pillow, Peter was interested in their pressure relief cushions.  You can review the range on their website but Bridge to Health patients can order through us to get a discount.
While we are busy preparing to open our second <a href="">Osteopathic Healthcare Clinic in Ealing</a>, a new osteopath has also joined our team.
I’m pleased to say our new telephone number for our new Ealing clinic is working again. To speak to an Osteopath in Ealing – for booking an appointment or seeking advice whether osteopathic treatment is appropriate please telehone <strong>020 8566 0767
Whilst our clinic in Uxbridge is entering its third year of operation and becoming increasingly busy, we are also focusing on opening a second clinic down the road in Ealing, an area close to my heart. I have lived here for the past 20 years and although I have mixed feelings about what is becoming of its shopping centre – never mind its planned shopping centre! – I also love its bustling diversity.
Having reached the supposedly mature haven of my mid-forties, I try not to get too easily worked up by the nonsense dished up by our national press on the subject of health and nutrition. However, I failed miserably when I read the lead article of Wednesday’s Evening Standard.
Most of you will have come across the news recently that NICE, the medical watchdog, has recommended that patients suffering from back pain for over 6 weeks may in future be referred by their GP for a course of manual therapy treatment (in other words referred to an osteopath) under the auspices of the NHS.
In the week before last we had the pleasure of being invited by the Rotary Club of Elthorne Hillingdon to address their local members on the enticing topic of preserving good health.
Shin splints is a term that, in essence, simply refers to lower leg pain. It is a common injury amongst runners, especially long distance runners, but it can manifest in anyone whose prime activity involves running or jumping.